Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Imagine there's no shelving
It's easy if you try
No hall of cartons
Stacked up to the sky...

When I moved into our house, I resolved not to bring allong the many shelving units on which I kept boxes and boxes of stuff. I knew that however rigorously I cleaned and discarded unused things, as long as there was empty shelf space, I would accumulate more.

And this time, since we're not moving again, the stuff would stay forever.

It's been hard. I couldn't just throw out the shelves, but luckily my father-in-law took most of them, and my sister-in-law took the "Waffle". She needed it to organize her room of Mariners stuff.

But it's been worth it! So far, I can report that although I have boxes of stuff stacked in the computer room, the stack shrinks by about one box a day. It has to: I don't have any shelves on which to put the stuff!

I am finding things I have not seen in years, and I am gradually getting to the pleasant ordered space I've long wanted, but not attained since the one-man cell at St. Edward's.

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