Sunday, October 11, 2009

Straight Privilege in 140 characters or less ...

Twitter Hashtag #StraightPrivilege is about the privileges we straights have, just by virtue of being straight. Some are funny, others thoughtful. It turns out there are hundreds of  #StraightPrivilege; add your own!

Here are the ones I came up with, plus a few of my favorites from others (the MT's and RT's):
  • If men who cheat on their 2nd and 3rd wives say that YOU are a threat to marriage, you must lack #straightprivilege
  • No-one tries to "Cure" me, because I have #straightprivilege !
  • In America, anyone can become President, if they have the #straightprivilege
  • MT @gutsandgrace  I married the one I love, but don't understand why it remains a #straightprivilege
  • #straightprivilege means we can fight and die for our country without having to lie
  • If bishops who protect child rapists say YOU are immoral, it's because they have  #straightprivilege
  • Alan Turing (whose work is fundamental to the internet) was forceably medicated because he lacked the #straightprivilege
  • RT @harrislacewell: I will never lose custody of my child because of my orientation. #straightprivilege
  • MT @writeli People don't assume my relationship is based on sexual acts and not love, cuz I got #straightprivilege
  • If I died suddenly, #straightprivilege means my wife gets my stuff without my having to have written a will
  • If no-one says "I love you but I hate what you are", then you may have #straightprivilege
  • I get to tell you "You're Doin' sex WRONG!!!" because I got the #straightprivilege !

  • "RT" means "Retweet X", that is to say, I'm passing on the writing of person X.
  • "MT x" means "Modified Retweet X", that is to say, I'm slightly modifying the writing of person X.

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MaryW said...

I have the CHOICE to marry or not because I have #straight privilege