Monday, October 12, 2009

Fun with Bigots at the Farmer's Market

Sunday at the West Seattle Farmer's Market, I was shocked to see a person distributing "Reject Referendum 71" literature.

For you outsiders, Referendum 71 gives civil legal rights to gay and elderly couples - click on the green sign for details. Who could oppose that?

I could not believe someone so ignorant and choked with hatred would be in my own neighborhood, but there she was. What to do? Arguing with her would be pointless; she's not going to change, and any conflict only feeds the fear, and fear is the core of the hate groups funding Reject Referendum 71
...if you think I exaggerate? I didn't attend seminary for four years without learning how important fear is to an organized religion's hierarchy. The wealthier they get, the more they rely on money and fear, not love, to keep their seat; hence the institutional homophobia that drives up donations. You don't think that glossy literature wasn't printed without a profit, do you?
I pondered what to do as I shopped with The Lovely Wife, when suddenly I noticed people had gathered round the Rejectionist. They held 8x11 sheets of paper, ad hoc signs, with a simple message in magic marker: "BIGOT ->"  (with the arrow point at the bigot.)  They stood smiling, and what could the bigot do? All her glossy words could not deny what she was.

I wanted to express support, but the moment was passing and I had to go. So I waved and called out:

"I am a threat to marriage!
I got a divorce!
I'm a straight guy and I wrecked a marriage!
Forgive me!"

Everyone laughed. For a moment, we were all together. Everyone knows us straight guys with divorces are a proven threat to marriage, a greater problem than every gay or elderly couple in Washington State who want equality under the law.

"It got better!" I waved. They waved back and laughed. The day was good.

But I'm gonna make my own  "BIGOT->" sign and keep in with me ... just in case!

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