Sunday, October 11, 2009

Palin Book Sales Scam

Incredible sales figures for Sarah Palins upcoming books are easily explained: they are fake.

According to a Newmax ad for Palin's new book, you can get a FREE COPY if you subscribe to their magazine!

Or, if you don't subscribe, they'll send you a copy for $8.95 ... that's TWENTY BUCKS off the cover price.

Yes - they are offering a 60% discount off the price of a book that's still at the printers. After all, they pre-paid for a LOT of those babies, and they've gotta MOVE them ON!

As happens so often with reichwing authors, their "advance sales" include huge orders by political organizations that give them away. This lets them claim their books are "best sellers" without actually selling any.

Indeed, the physical books may not even exist yet, but thanks to the magic of fake sales jobs like this, it can be a "best seller".

Who, after all, is going to READ Palin's book?

Will she?

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