Thursday, August 20, 2009

Belltown Board of Superheroes Minutes

The Belltown Board of SuperHeroes (B-BOSH) had been meeting in the back garden of the Two Bells since lunch, working through its detailed agenda at a table now littered with fragments of meatball subs and Cobb salad, in and among the never-empty pitcher of Old What's-On-Tap.

"Next and last is New Business," announced Time Freezer. "One item has been submitted: there has been a wisteriacide at the P-Patch!"

"Oh, bogus!" said Instant Karma. "How do we balance something like that?"

"Death!" urged Death Rae. "Death, but to who? and where?"

"No, wait," said the fourth member of the Board. "Remember who and where we are. In this town, we have a process to follow. Time Freezer, has a study commission been duly constituted?"

"A new Belltown Wisteriacide Investigation Neighborhood Organization will be meeting within a week, Lady No," replied the Freezer of Time. "I will seek to be put on the agenda."

Death Rae was somewhat mollified, but not ready to say die. "Are we or are we not going to zap anyone? Chopping down a helpless wisteria simply reeks of super-villainy. But I seem to remember something ..." her voice trailed off as she mused.

"Yeah, hey, is this another instantiation of the Patch Turf Wars?" asked Instant Karma. "Aren't we at, like, version 9.08 or something? We don't want the Ancient Factions getting out too far out, maybe like On The Waterfront, or bothering Old Nurse Log."

"No-one wants that," agreed Lady No, "But have we any proposals less drastic than Death?"

"Wisteria roots," mused Death Rae, "Never seem to truly die. You cut them down, and they grow back stronger than before..."

"...which will make the killer reveal himself in his rage, when he beholds the Wisteria Reborn!" Instant Karma smiled. "Death Rae, that's killer karma!"

"With that," Time Freezer swiftly interjected, "I move we adjourn sine die. Let's split the tab and take off."

"Whoa, like how will we remember all that stuff from like earlier in the agenda?" worried Instant Karma.

"Don't worry," Time Freezer smiled. "I kept the minutes."

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