Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Change the World Wednesdays

I've been enjoying participating in "Change the World Wednesdays" (CTWW) over on Reduce Footprints for two reasons.

  • Selfishly: As a writer, my hardest task is getting started. You might think that finding something that moves me to write "should" not be hard, but The Muse is legendarily fickle and when she's not there, she's not there ... don't bother calling out her name! CTWW inspires The Muse with a new topic once a week, and that's plenty enough to get me rolling. I am grateful for the help!
  • Spiritually: The subject matter of CTWW is important, timely and relevant. Rather than write about Large Theories of Sustainability, I try to write about something small and close at hand that I know about. This, I hope, makes my writing more credible and useful; it is certainly more fun! If at times I appear ridiculous, that's o.k. with me: a writer who fears looking silly is telling The Muse to go away.

I was delighted to discover today that CTWW is expanding, thus:

"Change The World Wednesday Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hi Everyone! Happy "Change The World Wednesday".

One of the goals of these weekly challenges is to get a lot of people trying the same "green" activity during the same week. So, everyone is asked to spread the word.

For most of us that means blogging about it and perhaps telling our friends and family. For one of our bloggy friends, however, it means creating a new blogcatalog group and working tirelessly to bring newcomers to the "fold".

TC of Live Smart started a Change The World Group on blogcatalog. He's already signed up a bunch of people who, hopefully, will be joining us in our weekly efforts.

But that's not all that TC has done. Realizing that linking to a blog helps to raise that blog's ranking and increase traffic, he took our list of participants ... our "Honor Society" ... and re-posted it on his blog. So, not only did participants get featured here and their articles get stumbled ... they also got featured on TC's blog.

Our weekly challenges are quickly becoming a "social network" ... so not only are we doing a great thing for the earth ... we're promoting ourselves and each other. A huge thanks goes out to TC and his great efforts. His article is featured in this week's Honor Society so ... be sure to check it out. And, stop by the new group..."

Well Done TC, and Well Done Reduce Footprints! May The Muse reward you with endless inspiration!


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