Monday, August 17, 2009

Gurning About Health Care

Making ugly faces is the art and science of gurning

and it is the only science left to opponents of Universal Health Care in these, our beloved United States of America.

It's understandable. Our private health care industry is plagued by vampires who suck 30% or more in overhead out of the delivery of health care. Some of that overhead is for insanely high compensation for its CEOs, some for their perks, some to pay the salaries of clerks whose job it is to deny coverage. None of that contributes to health care; it is a privatized tax on healthcare that is completely indefensible on either economic or moral grounds. So what have they left but ugliness such as "Death Panels", "rationing" and shouting at Town Hall meetings?

It'd be funny if it weren't serious.

Meanwhile, back in reality ...

Some interesting facts about Republican "Death Panels" enacted into law in the 2003 Medicate bill:

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