Friday, September 12, 2008

Are you STILL Registered to Vote?

Are you ABSOLUTELY SURE that you are registered to vote?

You'd be surprised how many people aren't, but think they are.

A massive effort to purge voters from the rolls, plus a certain amount of human error (to be charitable) makes it no longer certain that just because you voted in the primary, your voter registration is still valid.

Registration deadlines are coming up soon, and America needs every single vote.

Now, obviously, I have a political preference. You probably do too and it may or may not be the same as mine. That's as may be. Whatever your preference, you can check whether your voter registration is current (and correct for your current address here: Obama's new one-stop voter registration website.

As you go through the process, if you're not sure whether you're registered, it'll look you up at the address you give and tell you if you're still registered. If you're not, it'll email you the appropriate form for your jurisdiction to print, sign and send to your state's voter registrar. What could be easier??

Then tell others about this - just forward this message.

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