Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One More For The Good Guys! and it was easy!

How easy do you want it?

I'm having coffee with my sister and my one of my smart-and-lovely nieces (they're all smart; they're all lovely. I can't take credit.) The teenager is annoyed; she was born just a little too late to vote in November. What can she do?

"Here you go," I said, "Do you know anyone who COULD vote but isn't registered?"

"Yes, there's (name omitted). She said she's not registered and she's pretty busy."

"Give her this form and have her fill it out."


"Suggest she check the "absentee" box so her ballot will go right to her. Then make sure she mails in the registration ASAP. And when she gets her ballot, make sure she mails that in too. Bingo! it's almost as good as if you'd voted! And take this spare form in your purse, for when you meet someone else who needs to register."

"Oh yeah!"

That was easy! I may have just gotten another voter to sign up, with very little effort.

The only problem: Now I need more forms!

P.S. Want to register to vote in your state? See: http://www.rockthevote.org/

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