Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Theory Of UnIntelligent Design (THUID)

The Theory Of UnIntelligent Design (THUID) is a scientific alternative to the discredited theory of "evolution".

THUID postulates that the development of intelligent life on earth cannot have occurred by blind chance, but only by the direct intervention of an Outside Direct Designer (codenamed "Odd"). This Odd being discloses its very nature in the details of the human structure.

For example, would an intelligent Designer include the appendix - an organ whose sole utility is inconvenience and occasional painful death?

What of dental caries: a phenomenon unknown before the development of human intelligence, yet almost inevitable when our human desire for sweets is coupled to the brainpower that ensures a steady, unhealthy supply?

And let us not even BEGIN to talk about the humorous side of human reproduction!

Suffice it to say that ALL EVIDENCE shows that the marvelous human being has CLEARLY been designed by a GREAT DESIGNER that is unfortunately lacking in brains.

Please support this SCIENTIFIC study of humanity as it battles the twin unscientific principles of EVOLUTION and of INTELLIGENT DESIGN.

Our School Children Must Learn The Truth!

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