Thursday, July 31, 2008

Girl Genius ... is Genius!

Setting a rather high comic, writing and artistic standard for other webcomics, Girl Genius is steampunk/magery/adventure, humor, romance ... but mostly fun! This has consistently been one of my top two favorite webcomics for over a year, and it's racked up all sorts of awards, so don't deprive yourself!

Girl Genius is an ongoing adventure story in which the characters grow, change, run around the landscape quite a bit, and occasionally even die. Because of this, we recommend that new readers start the Girl Genius story from the very beginning. Trust us, it makes more sense that way. The good news is that the entire archive is now available for online reading!

You can also use the more traditional (but much less free) method of reading the graphic novels, which are available from bookstores, comic shops, a growing number of public libraries and of course our own online shop. Graphic novel collections are published roughly once a year.

Of course, there's always the Story So Far, which should bring you up to speed to some extent.

Oh, and please be aware that we recommend Girl Genius for an audience of teens and up. Why? Well, let's see...we have lots of running around in Victorian underwear, occasional innuendo, a certain amount of violence and the occasional "damn!" Will this deprive us of future happy meal toys? Probably. Are we having fun making our story our own way? Oh, yes! A lot of our readers still say they read GG to their kids, (and, of course, our kids like it,) but now you can make an informed choice. Thank you!

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