Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tale of a Middle-Aged Wiremouth

My story is more funny than sad.

While employed and insured, I'd started a course of orthodontia. As a middle-aged man, I'd laughed at the idea of braces, but the doctor explained that bone loss in the jaw could have some very negative health effects. So I took the plunge; my insurance covered most of it.

Then my job was eliminated.

Suddenly it was a choice between paying the rent and finishing the course of orthodontia. It wasn't an ER-type emergency, so I walked around as a wiremouth for a LOT longer than was really good for me.

Eventually, I got insured again, got rid of the braces, and got the bridge. Gradually the deteriorated bone restored itself somewhat, now that the teeth were properly aligned. I don't have the medical knowledge to estimate what that means to my over all health, but it's got to be an improvement.

My story isn't really sad, but can you imagine what if I'd had a really serious dental issue, perhaps an abscess, and no care? It's taught me to pay more attention to health care issues; I think my great nation of America should be #1 in the world.

I do think it's funny that I wore braces longer than any teenager.

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