Saturday, April 01, 2017

January 2017 Memes

Unfortunately there was a whole lot of material for the month of January 2017...

The Orange Fool said that if you had something you wanted kept secure, print it out and hand deliver it. That's sort of true-isa but stupid...

Alternative Facts. Ah remember when truth was important?

A girl with Planned Parenthood frightened away poor Paul Ryan

I suppose I should be too good to make pee jokes, but I'm not.

This one seems to have legs

I was most proud of this one

The orange fool didn't wait to roll back an Obama order that had made home ownership easier. 

This is a really important question ...

Q: How many liars and criminals can the guy bring on board before his followers revolt?
A: On the evidence - all of them!

Maybe I am proudest of this one. It seemed to resonate, perhaps because it's positive and calls us all to heroism

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