Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Toastmasters Times Two

Today I stopped by the Toastmasters in the building where I work. I can almost certainly get a half-hour off for the meetings (since the other half would be my lunch "hour") and it's a wonder means of professional development, plus meeting people.
I had noticed its lobby sign for about a year, and done nothing. Then I recommended it to James as a sincere attempt to help him with his professional development, after seeing him at a meeting with a perfectly decent short little idea to present, which crashed and burned because he was too shy to present it boldly. He did the work of figuring out that this organization fit our organization's professional development standards and when he told me he had gotten permission to attend, I realize that I wanted to also.
I won Table Topics. I'm good at that lol.
It was a good day!

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