Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sleep Apnea Possibile?

A few weeks back I had a discussion with a doctor about the possibility of sleep apnea. I awaken frequently (3 or more times a night) usually feeling worried, often with racing pulse and dry mouth. This is consistent with low oxygen levels. I am generally tired during the day - I had attributed this to carbohydrate cycling my blood sugar and indeed that may also contribute. And there's the snoring. This is generally good news. It would be better not to have this problem but if it is the cause of the problem then I can do something about it. I discussed this with a cardiologist with group heath, who basically concurred with the possibility and wrote me a prescription for a sleep study. I am reluctant to go through with the study because it's a break in routine and I'll miss out on the valuable nothing that I have been accomplishing, and yet if I do solve this sleep problem I'll have so much more energy that it'll make up for the lost time. I just have to talk it over with myself and go through with it. I got the bill from Group Health and it was awful! Something like $280 for a half hour talk? I had just assumed this was covered by insurance, but perhaps that's what the HSA is for. The HSA money has to be used and if this is what it's for then, ok, but it seems crazy.

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