Monday, August 01, 2016

Up And Down Monday

This morning I reviewed a message from my friend Mary who is still getting screwed over by VA. I can't help directly due to my government job, but I can do advocacy. I wrote a letter to that end, and we'll see.
My former client Brown called about the EAJA matter; I connected with the new guy and shared case progress. Again, I can't represent anybody but I can network.
This evening I saw that I got Kris' Tribal Check. She asked me to meet her at the usual place. I agreed. Later she said she'd been delayed and would be late. I said fine. At last - just as the elves had delivered another fine dinner - I got the message Kris was ready to meet me. So I put dinner aside and drove over. She owes my money for the YWCA - two months now - and also for one of the cat's treatments.
At the usual place she offered to buy me a growler of beer and I declined. I just don't drink that much anymore. She took the check and said she had to go. I asked about the money she owed me. She played stupid, or perhaps it wasn't playing, and got angry. She makes plenty of money but she doesn't have enough to pay the Y to which she brings her boyfriend to show me - what' that about? No ordinary man would have brought her the check but I suppose I have a nobility that she will not understand.
Kris said she really had to go. I asked about the cat care. She asked what flea treatment I preferred and I explained once again that I left that up to Nessa because it was her field.  It seems that Kris was willing to pay more to control the situation rather than just hand over money - I should have appreciated that so I could deal with it. Eventually she just stomped off muttering that she would just pay for the Y on her own and I said that was fine but she still owed me for two months.
I'm not going to count on ever seeing that again.
Perhaps I'm make friends with her boy at the Y - that would be fun and I don't blame him for her abuse.
I certainly won't have another day like today!

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