Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Tidy Today

I am working my way through a book on tidying , since my life and possessions are greatly hampered by untidiness.
Today's lesson was a necessity of envisioning the end results , dreaming if you will, but as a motivation and as a mechanism for making decisions.
In retrospect, this seems obvious as so many things do. It was less obvious before. What do I want my home to be? I wanted to be a comfortable place where I can bring friends. That means it needs to be clean, and therefore easy to keep clean, and therefore sparsely furnished.
This is a challenge for me because I was born poor and raised for, and therefore it is difficult to rid myself of anything because when you are bored, everything is valuable. You never know when you'll need that piece of lumber. I am especially insecure right now because I need to refinance my home within a year, and therefore I need to maximize my income. However I now realize that my untidiness is more of a barrier than its fruits are an asset.
This makes it much easier to pass things on, since they are not losses, but rather advances toward my dream.
It is still hard shaking the necessary habits of a lifetime, but that makes the dream all the more important.

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