Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Not Shiftless

Monday, when coming back from the store, Kiara brought up the possibility of learning to drive the stick. It's time, I figured; I had worried about the difficult time I'd had teaching Sherry and teaching Mila, and while it is necessary that Kiara be able to drive my car, I was not looking forward to it.
I pulled into a small park off 8th. It's not really ideal, but it was a start. And it turns out that there is really no problem; she killed the engine only once and panicked not at all. Perhaps her physical coordination is superior due to all that dancing, or perhaps she's just more accustomed to reacting to strange situations thoughtfully  .... for all her outward flightiness, she shows a lot of inside thinking. ... and perhaps at age 60 I am just better at staying calm and saying one or two words.
After all, the only words that really matter in this situation are "clutch" and "good"!

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