Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Licensing Lesson

Today I renewed my driver's license.
For more than a month, people who checked my ID when I made purchases alerted me that it was about to expire. I found that very thoughtful!
The last time I renewed the license, I had to take a test. I didn't study for the test, because I've been driving for decades with no accidents. I figured I knew the rules.
Well, I may know the rules in practical terms, but the first question was how far back from the corner do I have to be to park. Was it 20 feet? 30 feet? I know what it is in practical terms but not the number of feet. Whatever it was, I got it wrong.
The next question concerned railroad tracks - another question about how far back. 30 feet? 50 feet? 75 feet? I don't know; you stay back a safe distance. I picked the largest value, and that was wrong.
My situation at this point is that I am 2 questions in and have already blown half my allowed number of wrong answers. This is a source of concern. I bear down a really start paying attention, and try not to worry about what i will do if I don't get my license.
The rest of the questions are easy; I get them all. I am sure there is a lesson here, however, and I remembered it yesterday when I got in line for renewal.
I snagged a booklet of driving rules on the way into line, and read it through. There were a bunch of new rules about headphones and scooters and even what to do when someone crosses in front of you in an electric wheelchair. It was all common sense and/or common courtesy, but I made a mental note whenever there was a number.
There was no test, except of my vision; I passed that one without studying.
The lesson from last time (study anyway!) is still good, but I did take a new lesson as well: before having your photo taken, get a haircut!

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