Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Tuesday: In Cider Ceritas

Most of the day I spent organizing for massive changes in support of my new gig. The mail included a letter from the Feds to my ex, which I figured was worth breaking radio silence since it might be important - it was easy enough to text her a photo. She asked to see it.
After another most excellent zumba session at Fauntleroy, I met Kris at the "Super Deli Mart" which is presumably next to her apartment building (officially I don't know where she lives) and gave her the envelope. It appears to be part of an investigation of me in connection with employment, which makes sense; she promised to fill it out accurately. We then talked over sandwiches, with a beer for her and a cider for me, mostly about her current suite of problems. She hasn't changed, which I suppose is reassuring for me.

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