Saturday, December 05, 2015

Saturday Barre, Yard and Hexacat

This morning I went to the Barre Basics class, now taught by Adela, at the Fauntleroy Y. She does things in a different order than Molly did, but both are or were excellent leaders: I always finish class well warmed, stretched out and worn.
The rest of the day was maintenance around the house, which is a great thing to do when it is so very soggy out. The branches in my yard seem to be settling into a Pacific Northwest look that is very different from that of a typical grass yard, and I look forward to seeing how it all shakes out.
Having finished Deep Space Nine, I don't especially feel the urge to watch more TV; it was fun but I have other interests. It's nice to have the option, I suppose.
We discussed giving a home to another cat. After all, we had no trouble supporting six cats, so now that Michelle has gone to live with Kris, there is room for one more - and one needing a home has been found. This is not a problem but it's nice to have adult family discussions on things - a bit of a new experience for me, but I could get used to it.

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