Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanks Giving For All the Fish

Today was a fine Thanksgiving, although unlike any I have had before. First I attended the 8:30 Thanksgiving special Zumba class at the Fauntleroy Y. It was an hour and a have of vigorous and joyful exercise, marred only in that at the very end, as we all disbursed, one of the men had a dizzy spell and we had to call the EMTs. He was a very fit person for his age, so I suppose this is just a note to stay aware and all that. Once home, I talked over the day's arrangements with Kiara and Nessa. A couple from West Seattle Buy Nothing showed up and took a load of firewood from last week's tree trimming - leaving a large pile to work on.
Then the three of us went to get some last-minute groceries. Ginny had decided to nap inside a handbasket; she looked too large to fit, but half of her apparent volume is fluffiness so I guess she was actually comfortable. Dan stopped by and we talked. In the early evening was Thanksgiving dinner, consisting of delightfully prepared salmon, spinach with cheese, and a glass of cider. This was probably closer to the first Thanksgiving (whether in Massachusetts or Florida) than turkey an ambrosia.

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