Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday - Barre to Books

Barre Basics Saturday morning was strenous and relaxing, as usual. Afterwards I discussed career options with the new instructor, Adela, who is planning ahead - a remarkable concept! - and had been told - accurately - that law school was an expensive option for people in her time of life (so many people look younger than me now that I have no idea whether they are in their 20s or 50s).
I offered the Law Clerk Program and also Mediation - for which law school is not required - and she expressed interest. Being broadly interested appears to be her style, so I'll look up the information I have to pass on next week.
After a round of chores I rewarded myself by stopping by Pegasus Book Exchange. It's a real book store, with that real book store smell, people who love to talk about books, and life. I ended up getting Blah Blah Blah: What To Do When Words Don't Work which seems to codify some ideas I've been having about communication.

Then it's home for a little more tinkering in the yard - it's taking time to work through the branches from the tree trim - and then going through more books in the evening.
December shall be a busy month, so I'm determined to relax this weekend. My blood pressure seems to be responding!

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