Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Crafting A Happy Birthday Wish

Today was Sherry Cole's birthday, an occasion I have not noted for more than 20 years. However now that we have renewed our friendship, and there is even some sort of family connection, I allowed myself the pleasure of crafting a small birthday wish and adding it to the stream of facebook birthday wishes.
Chesterfield cooperated by doing something cute, and then it was just a question of thinking of a text.
I feel that a personalized message is more, uhm, personal. It's also more fun. I did go cardshopping over the weekend with Kiara and Nessa, and that was fun too, but there's nothing quite like creativity!
The rest of the day work of course; job hunting and putting the 4freeCLE newsletter out takes time. They're a form of creativity too, I suppose; I just have to find the fun in it.
At zoomba, I saw Tall Joan adding another flourish (probably an added spin) in one of the routines, which alerted me to the fact that there was space in the time available for it. So I tried it and it fit! I suppose this is what dancers figure out all the time, and I'm happy to be tinkering around with another creative art. The approval I get does not hurt at all, and it makes the workout ever so much more effective.
Kiara is closing in on cataloguing a full shipment of books. Remarkable! We are all planning the great switch; when Kris moves out, I'll get the upstairs to develop as a home office, the young ladies get the lower level to do as they will, starving college students and all that. I am sad, and will probably always have a sadness, that the thing with Kris did not work out, but I feel happy thinking about that future.

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