Monday, June 01, 2015

Monday: in which I set a goal and find a writing sample

My goal for June is to line up job offers sufficient to enable me to refinance this home by June 2017.
It is tempting to go for the first thing that comes along, but I am resolved to think carefully because it's a decision with consequences.
It occurs to me that I have a good writing sample, in the form of a winning legal brief (the Biedel case.) That's something I hadn't had before; however I still have the problem of being around 60 years of age - who wants to hire someone they view as old?
Somebody does. Unemployment around here is pretty low, so I am being exceptionally fortunate! But I am going to move carefully.
I started work on the Brown case. I donated platelets today, which takes several hours out of my working day, but it feels like my duty. I enjoyed zumba as usual on Monday. I made progress on doing taxes. I am going to be ok.

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