Sunday, May 31, 2015

Memes May 2015

I tried to cut back on Meme-Making this month, to focus on other things, but some issues just kept calling for comment:
Hastert's indictment Completed the tale of hypocrisy.
Hey, Bill Clinton may have been a horndog, but so were they all, and at least he was not hypocritical.

I understand that the quote could be parsed to be an unobjectionable comment on consensual procedures,
but the casual dismissal of valid concerns about personal freedom is noteworthy.
This meat puppet could easily be the perfect GOP candidate.

A few said it was inappropriate to mock paranoia when people died in the floods?
What they were really saying was "STFU"
I figure those floods are God's comment on the whole thing

I was beaten frequently as a child, along with my siblings,
and we learned well what happens when violent people lack accountability.

These guys!

5/6ths of these are someone else's work, oh well, I just loved the concept

Experimenting with design

The "Party Of Stupid" concept deserves its own channel

I can hardly believe I hadn't run across the "his story" pun in this context before

The stupidity of "Jade Helm 15" paranoia had no limit;
but I'll bet it will soon be forgotten.

"This Is Today's GOP" is a core concept: it's not what it used to be.
Especially when it comes to freedom - almost as if women were not people.

Experimenting with using official images
to taint them with meaning

The "Freedom Summit" was begging for parody

Experimenting with absurdity;
is there any limit to what people will believe about the Clintons?
I hope that there were enough satire-clues embedded in the story.

The contradictions in conservative fear mongery would be funny
if it were not so dangerous.
But hey these are handsome white men so: believe!

Later, someone did a cleaner version of that t-shirt.
My art suffers for being limited to MS Paint

This was inspired by a FB friend who loves every Hillary fake scandal
but at least he "liked" when I pointed out his chances
of voting for her fell from 0% to 0%

Just another member of the aristocracy

Jade Helm 15 paranoia would be funny
if it didn't have consequences

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