Friday, May 08, 2015

Clinton Official Found Dead! ZOMG!

OMG News Service - Samuel Roswell of Mt. Clemens, Michigan, was found dead in his bed at Mt. Sinai Hospital yesterday around 7:00 AM, officials said. Cause of death is is officially listed as unknown, but political observers were quick to note that the location of Hillary Clinton was also unknown at the time.
"Two unknowns at the same time?" reported Sean Hannity of Fox News. "That's a coincidence that disturbs all Americans."
"What was Mrs. Clinton thinking to get involved with this in the first place?", asked Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash, a book that asks questions without supplying answers. "Why has she not explained this unexplained death?"
"This is the end of the Clinton campaign," said Joe Scarborough. "No one can continue a political career after an unexplained death like that."
"My husband was well-loved throughout the County," said his wife, the former Addie Loggins. "I am sure going to miss him."
The deceased was a lifelong Democrat and Chief Executive of Clinton County for more that 20 years. He was age 92 at time of death.

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