Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Evolution Of The Gish Gallop

Creationists argue that the Gish Gallop is proof of a Creator, because it is so unlikely that a string of unrelated nonsense would assemble by itself.
However, scientists hypothesize that Gish galloping developed from simpler forms of arguments by a form of evolution, although the exact process has yet to be determined. Some posit a sea of simple arguments floating around, jostling each at random, and occasionally linking up, until long chains of unrelated arguments form. Others posit the most common terminator on a creationist argument ("Go To Start") occasionally misreads as "Go To Another". Virtual argument chains with this latter characteristic compete more effectively than the original form; even a simple two-segment Gish Gallop can run longer than the average single argument.
There is consensus, however, that the Gish gallop could not be the product of an intelligent designer, due to its high noise-to-signal ratio. As proof of an Unintelligent Designer, it remains unparalleled.
--- REW
The above report is in response to discussions on the "Creation Vs. Evolution" Facebook page. If you follow the "debate" it will make sense, to the extent that Gish Galloping makes sense at all.

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