Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday: Exploration

Monday during zumba, Tall Joan was stretching at the barre and apologized for blocking my access to my water bottle. I said no problem, for it was indeed no problem - everyone has to be somewhere! - and I mentioned that I enjoyed the barre class at the Fauntleroy Y. It's very difficult but also satisfying. She suggested I check out her friend's classes at the building across from that Y.
Wednesday, after picking up a little dinner at Eat Local (...if you're going to have prepared food, this is the place to go!) I investigated. I'd never been in the Fauntleroy Community Center before, and it is an interesting building - perhaps a repurposed school, with lots of rooms and corridors. The most obvious meeting was the 34th District Democrats, where I saw another person who did a lot of classes at the Y. We chatted a bit and I will try to make the next meeting; I'm not really set up to add that to my table yet, but who knows. I tried the middle part of the building where there was a pack of sweaty teens and a dad; he directed me to the end. There, by a small neon sign saying "dancing", was a dance school. I talked with the manager and got the brochure. They have adult classes and I will think about this next year. My exercise card is full right now but I am growing!
I enjoyed the process of exploring; it reminded me of so many little explorations I have made in the past. I need only figure out how to do more of this in the future.

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