Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday - getting plans done

Tuesday I started with a plan and got at least halfway through it before a new opportunity popped up. Actually, it's not so much a new opportunity as the ongoing operation of an existing procedure. Now that Half Priced Books has put the VA Hospital on its list of charities to help out, they periodically call Cyril for a pickup. It doesn't take long for me to do this, because they are just in Tukiwila. There is a danger in going into any bookstore, of course, since they are full of books(!), but it was still daylight when I got out of there and I enriched my life with some new stories, so no harm done.
From yesterday's testing I was reminded of the health benefits of walking half an hour every day that I don't do other exercise. I decided to get my walking in by carrying my thrift store donation instead of driving. It was really a pleasant walk, marred only by the store being closed. This just means I can do the same thing Wednesday or as needed. Meanwhile, I got a look at the neighborhood and was reminded of some sights I hadn't really seen for more than a year.
In the evening, I cooked the salmon from Saar's. I didn't do anything fancy, since salmon is intrinsically good as is. When Kris came home from the Y and brought me the junk mail, I offered and she accepted some salmon. It was a friendly interaction, although she did remind me about doing the taxes.
I got a call from the chair of DAV 23's Finance Committee, asking if I'd ask the Treasurer for a copy of the inventory of the bequest. I suggested that he ask directly, but the two of them don't get along. I was treated to an explanation that the Chair was not trying to enrich himself, just trying to help veterans. I composed a short email while we were on the phone, read it, and sent it.

Much could be said.

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