Friday, February 20, 2015

Thursday - Lunch for VAF and Open Sections Night for WPTL

This was a remarkable day. I printed out the MOU that Chad sent me as the final-OK version, blessed all the way to the top of the VA and back. Then I  met a couple of Cyril's buddies at a Thai Restaurant in West Seattle, where we caught up on things and gradually schmoozed over VAF stuff. I enjoyed their company and I hope we can work together.
Cyril and one of the friends went to the Hospital; I drove separately and we gave a tour of the facility, with an emphasis on projects we were working on - especially the Atrium, There seems to be a lot of potential enthusiasm for making this happen!
I stopped by Chad's office briefly to touch base; Dane and Kimberly and I joked; the stress of times past seems to have passed and we're all going forward on this, each in our own way.

The  evening I spent at WSBA's Open Sections night. My WPTL buttons were quite popular, and I met some interesting young lawyers; since I sponsor our email newsletter, I used my discretion to collect their email addresses to give them a free subscription. I very much enjoyed them!
Even Kris was mellow when I got home; I don't need to talk with her and my dungeon exile is tolerable so long as I have so much else going on.

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