Monday, February 16, 2015

In Which I Am Radioactive - For Science!

(Photo from another day)
Monday I had a PET scan as part of the brain study I'm in. It was a fasting study, meaning no food or liquids other than water in the morning (!no coffee!!).
I'd been inside the PET ring before, so that was no big deal, but I'd forgotten about the line in my arm through which they put some radioactive dye. I was asked to lie still and not to read or use my cellphone to access the internet, so that it would be taken up by the brain without ... I suppose ... favoring the part that likes reading or looking at pictures of cats.
Afterwards, they gave me a card saying I'd been injected with a radioactive tracer, in case I went into an airport or a federal building or something else where I might be scanned for radioactives. It could have been kind of embarrassing, but at least I got some superpowers out of it!

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