Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday: That Was Spinal Tap

Today I had the final part of the research study, a spinal tap. This was the 3rd I've had for science, and I must report that it wasn't that bad. It's like a bee sting in a very odd location - apparently the extraordinarily painful spinal taps that we've heard so much about are emergency procedures with much bigger needles and less time put into minimizing pain.
My one regret is that I'm not supposed to do exercise or anything strenuous for a few days. After my first LP, I'd tested that rule and regretted it, so this time, I skipped zumba - a sad loss but I'll make it up Thursday.
Instead, I discussed VAF business with Cyril, then sat down and cranked through a huge email backlog while sitting very pleasantly at the kitchen table, looking at the leaves shooting up in my garden. On the north end of the parking strip I see that the periwinkle has really taken off, after a year or two of dithering, while on the south end the beach strawberry is doing the same. In a few years they shall meet, and then what?

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