Saturday, February 28, 2015

Big Onion ... Little Onion ...And Reusing Mesh Fabric ...

Big Bag: Economical But Awkward
 The red plastic mesh bags that oranges come in look so useful, but they add up. I don't think they can be recycled, and I don't want to trash them, so how can I reuse them?
One of my first uses for them was as scrubbies, but I recently did better.
I like to buy onions in 50-pound bags. The unit price is so much better! This 50-pound bag was $5.99 and Pay N' Pack, which contrasts nicely with a price of about $1 each at an ordinary grocer, or if you're lucky 3 pounds for a dollar.
Onions are tasty and nutrious; with only a little cooking they add sweetness and fiber to stews, sauces and almost anything I cook in my cast iron pan.
But onions deserve respect in storage. There's not really a good place to keep them in my house.
I hauled out my little-mesh-bag collection and discovered that about 3 fit in them easily, and then I can hang them on the wall of my shed.
Reused small bags:
Economical and Handy!
It would not surprise me in the least if I were reinventing something that my grandparents knew. My mom grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan that was built by her father in a time when horses were a viable alternative to a tractor, so I'm sure storing root veggies for over the winter is in my blood.
And now, with the help of re-using those little bags, it's in my shed. I'm saving money while eating well and reducing, however slightly, my wastefulness. Cheers for us!
Fabric is the theme of February's Change The World Wednesday (#CTWW) and that inspired me to write this. CTWW is a fun challenge - both useful and mentally stimulating. Check it out!

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Small Footprints said...

This is a great idea and not only addresses our textile challenge but last week's task to reduce plastic in landfills. I've often thought about buying the largest bags of onions but, not having anywhere to keep them, knew that they'd go bad before I could use them (even though we use a lot of onions). We are building a root cellar in our new home so I'll have a place for them ... and using those mesh bags to hang them will ensure that they get a lot of air circulation. This is such a great idea! Thanks, Randy!