Tuesday, September 02, 2014

An Odd Tuesday

On the whole,  Tuesday came in three parts.
I met with Cyril and Diane about the Manning Medical Mall project.  Keeping relentlessly positive on this is the way forward.
I packed a lot of books from the Labor Day sales. It's not a high-end activity, but it's steady.
I negotiated on the dispute over mom's worldly goods, between various people unhappy over something and unwilling to talk things over on their own. In the process I acquired an enhanced respect for my brother in law who is in an awkward position, and feels pretty much as I do on some of these things.
Bonus oddness: Kris came back from Big Al's distraught or annoyed that one of the guys keeps bugging her. She's not interested in him and has even emailed him,  twice,  but she says he keeps getting her hopefully and offering to give her a ride home.  I made comforting noses, and tried to divert with humor - she could try making out with a girl there to show him she's really not interested.  Kris was not going to lose her distress, and said he'd probably think that was hot.
Which is probably true.
I made a few equally absurd suggestions, then gave up and just commiserated. It was a very odd conversation,  and I'm sure I don't know what's going on.

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