Sunday, August 31, 2014

Saturday - It's been a busy week ...

Grey and rainy skies
Make flowers all the brighter.
...I look at this blog and laugh; I've just been too busy to write!

Today at the Y we had the last of Trucker Molly's outside classes for the season. It was gently raining but I'm happy to have gotten up that d@mn hill nine times - the new shoes were really comfortable, but I need to work on my lungs LOL.
Afterwards I had a nice chat with a classmate who, it turns out, is a lawyer in her 70s. She's thinking of cutting back her hours and I suppose she's entitled. She's quite thoughtful.
After class, a flower just struck me as interesting. I contorted myself all around trying to get just the right angle, as shown.
Kris has been gone for a few days; I assume she's off drinking with her mother. We've been reasonably cooperative since I proposed writing a few lines to agree on who goes where in this house.
She proposed that she move the catbox into the Blue Room so I wouldn't have to deal with it; I said fine; and that was the end of it. It's still in the basement and I'm still the only one to care for the cats.
That's o.k.  She has never been about keeping her word.
I finished data-entry for 90 books and about to print up the labels, but decided to publish the 4freeCLE newsletter first because it's time-sensitive. My reward for all this will be to draft a powerpoint presentation for the Manning Medical Mall (or whatever we will call it) in anticipation of my Tuesday meeting at TPI. I really want this to look good so I figure I'd better splurge and get Office 365.
I'm typing away in the kitchen upstairs, because the air is better (if Kris really knew anything about the feng shui she talks about, she'd understand the geomantic value of this space in particular, but I can't share something with someone who's tea cup is already full.). Playing Joni Mitchell and Fleetwood Mac and reflecting on my love of folk rock; I don't need to defend it, it's just one of the things I like and now I can hear it whenever I want.

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