Thursday, August 07, 2014

Thursday - On My Own At Last

Kris is taking a couple of weeks of vacation. This may have been mandated by work, or it may have gotten through to her that, as I explained, part of her alcoholism is adherence to the structure of work-exercise-drink. For whatever reason, she's been home the first few days of the week, which didn't mean much since I was out all day doing audits.
Today, however, she's taking the bus to meet her sister and they're driving to meet their mother in Eastern Washington, or somewhere. This means I may have some quiet for a few days.
Thursday 8/7/2014 I picked up Cyril and drove to the VA to help a couple of friends of John Work's apply for the VA Healthcare System. They were thoroughly normal and competent me who just weren't in the habit of filling out forms. We got it done. They were Vietnam veterans ultimately motivated by skin conditions that could well have been the result of Agent Orange.
I wonder how many people out there are like them: qualified for help, but just never got around to filling out the forms for whatever reasons.

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