Friday, August 08, 2014

Friday - A Spry WW2 Veteran

Friday 8/8/2014 I drove Cyril to the VA to meet a WW2 veteran who had decided, in his 90s, that he wanted to see if he could get some help from the VA healthcare system.
He'd worked all his life and still had a businesscard in case we wanted perhaps some watercolors done, but was living on a modest income on Capitol Hill. Just getting his prescriptions taken care of would be a big deal.
He was a lot of fun.
As I drove around afterwards, I realized that I had been doing evening gymwork at the Y only because it suited Kris' schedule. I really prefer morning exercise. Since Kris' schedule is no longer a factor, I think I'll go back to morning classes, except that I totally enjoy zumba and will keep that. The transition will probably have difficulties, because establishing new habits is always a challenge, but I might as well start now!

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