Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday Of Restoration

Tuesday I spent at home doing chores. There's a lot that necessarily slid while I was away, and I feel renewed from my vacation.
I shall have to remember to take vacations more often; it may not be necessary to travel far, but simply the change in location and forced alteration in routine seems to have cleaned out some crud from my mental processes.
The cats were happy to see me too!
I am trying to minimize the odd jobs while I work on longer-term items, such as taxes and eliminating the storage area, but when I get calls with bonuses it's hard to turn them down - so I don't. Maybe it's just nice to be wanted for a task badly enough to get a bonus, however symbolic.
I hit the evening short intensive workout at the Y, which was as advertised. After the last Saturday with Trucker Molly running us up the hill, I have realized the significance of the warmup putting me into oxygen deficit, so I actually enjoyed the sensation. Perhaps "enjoyed" is the wrong word, since it's not actually pleasant, but it was reassuring to me that the process was going as it needed to go. I would prefer to be hugely able to done long bouts of cardio without breathing hard, but if the breathing hard is a signal that my body is going to be working on improvements, that makes me happy despite the discomfort. I am, however, resolved to take off the belly fat now that my new glasses let me see myself better in the mirror; since I am already doing a good level of exercise, the only alternative is diet. I haven't figured out where the extra calories sneak in but I'll try watching for a week and see what's up.

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