Saturday, June 14, 2014

Bike Is Back

Saturday morning I skipped coffee before going to the Y for Trucker Molly's morning class. I think this really helped; my body felt funny the first 3 times up the hill, but by the 2nd set of 3 I felt normal (uncomfortably short of breath but doable) and the last set of three was merely too hard. I went home and Kris made a leftover omelet. Since the only cheese in the house was mozzarella, and the cabbage way outweighed the egg, the result was not like any classical omelet I'd ever seen, but it was tasty and the bod loved it. A quick nap to recuperate and then I walked to Aaron's to pick up my bike. I had had a call from Cyril expressing grave concern over the rules for having a cookout at the VA Hospital, which he'd just gotten. They are detailed and he didn't think it could be done since he'd let his food handler license lapsed. We'll meet on Tuesday with Dane and work through the requirements to see how to fix this stuff; my role is to be positive and solve the problem. While walking, I stopped by Meat The Butcher and asked if he knew anyone with a food card who might be free on the 4th - making it clear upfront that I wasn't asking for product or money, we had all that. He didn't know for sure, but would ask - it's a busy day for everyone of course. He did say he needed to talk food with Cyril so I gave him the phone number; maybe they'll network. I proceeded and safe the Coffeeshop next to Proletariat was open. I hadn't had any coffee yet so I went in to practice conversation. They clearly had their witty on and that helped me to respond in kid. Before I got far into my pitch, they pointed out a King County Food Card is easy to get; the instruction is all online. I checked on my phone and there it was! It was definitely worth the coffee! Aaron's was crazy busy, but I was not in a hurry. I petted the dog and looked at the strange bike bits until they wheeled out my treasure. There was a quick lesson in the new gearing, cover points like diagonal gearing which I would not have thought of, and away I went. I feel so good on that bike; I want to ride every day!

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