Saturday, June 07, 2014

Sunday of Renewing Old Friendships

Sunday June 8 I visited a couple of old friends.

Me And Sherry

Phil & Alyssa 
Sheryl Cole and I met when she was 19 and I was 21. Our marriage didn't last and in retrospect I'm not surprised, but we like each other a lot and meeting for breakfast at the Stables was fun in every way. Afterwards, we went to the apartment of one of her daughters where I met her daughter's partner. I resolutely did not mention that they were about the same age as Sherry and I were when we met - no sense doing the old fogey thing more than I have to!
I hope we can all get together again some time. We really enjoy each other's company.
Later I stopped by the house of Phil and Alyssa, friends from Aikido. They're really nice people and seem to have their act together. Their son Max, who I recall as an infant (...hmm, actually I remember Alyssa being pregnant with him...) was away at college or something, so I suppose time has passed. I really couldn't tell with these two however. It was very refreshing!
We are all a little grayer and a little gayer!

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