Wednesday, August 07, 2013

A visit from old friends! Debbie Boudanis, Jennifer and Jillian.

Debbie, Jillian and Jennifer
Today Debbie Boudanis, who I knew from Springfield, had a layout in Seattle on her way from Florida to a new job in Alaska. She wanted to give her cats a rest, so we let them sit on the bedroom while Debbie, her two daughters who were also in town, and I had a quick tour of West Seattle. I'm afraid was not well prepared to be the mapreader since I'm so used to driving around here, but I think we managed to see a few sights and they seemed grateful that the cats got the rest.
I hadn't seen them in 15 years, and it was nice to see that my old friend is getting along. When last I saw Jillian she was probably 3 or 5 years old, and Jennifer maybe 10 or 12 - it's not surprising, but still amusing, that they are able and active adults. Time goes by! They all took off around dinnertime, and I hope to see them again, perhaps in another 15 years.

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