Saturday, August 10, 2013

A-Rod: If You Cannot Be A Good Example, You Can Always Be A Horrible Warning

This guy has amazing talent and a huge income. He will never know physical hunger or lack anything he really needs. He's nearing the natural end of being at the top of the game, and can decide to keep at it but admitting a slow decline, or leaving and going on to more success in a related field, such as sportscasting.
Or he could run for public office.
Or he could write a book.
Or he could go on permanent vacation for 80 years and live of the income from selling his likeness on cereal boxes.
But instead he uses banned drugs.
As if he thought no-one would notice!
This cheats every other player who was honest. There may be other reasons to ban those drugs, but cheating other players is high on the list - it's a total failure of character.
This is not as tragic as a person who through no fault of their own dies or is mutilated or even loses their puppy.
But is is sort of tragic: he did it to himself.
And so his future, while never involving poverty, will not involve honor; this choice of him will also cost him a heck of a lot of money. Let's hope people notice
As The Lovely Wife likes to say: If you can't be a good example, you can always be a horrible warning to others!

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