Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 28: Tuskegee Airmen Annual Scholarship Lunch

Sunday the 28th, Kris and I picked up my friend Cyril and we went to the Tuskegee Airmen Inc annual scholarship luncheon. This was sort of a "thank you" from the chair of their Scholarship Committee, Mrs. Dolores Booker, for the help we'd been with her husband, Mr. William Booker, who'd had some issues getting signed up with the VA and then navigating the system.
It was very interesting to see this organization so dedicated to educating the next generation, and the scholarship recipients were are pretty interesting kids. I'm sure we'll be hearing from some in the future!
Mrs. Booker was in her element, taking charge and leading her segment of the meeting with authority and confidence. We also saw her daughter Leslyn Pettit, and Leslyn's son (whose name I forget ... but he just graduated from college and gave a practical pep talk to the scholarship winnings). Perhaps we'll have to think about how we can work with the organization or at least network with likeminded groups in the future.
Anyway, thanks for the invitation!

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