Monday, June 24, 2013

Part Of Every Meal From the Garden: A Goal!

Tomato sauce, Mint, Butter-fried peas from our garden!
Subsistence farming is hard: I don't know anybody who would enjoy having to raise all their food themselves, and that would involve such massive sacrifices in food variety that it might not even be healthy.
However, a goal of raising a little bit of food is doable by anyone with a yard.
Our yard is big enough that we might be able to include a little bit of food from our garden in a meal every day, and a stretch goal would be to include a little something in every meal.
Mint in our coffee, greens in our salad, and during the growing season whatever happens to be ready can stretch our food budget and give pleasure.
Here in Seattle, we're blessed with a moderate climate so that even in the winter we can get a little chard and wintergreen; we also love to enjoy the time-shifted sunshine of canned tomatoes. Figuring it all out takes organization and experimentation, but what a fun way to enjoy wholesome, organic, locally-produced food at a very reasonable price!


Mauro said...

Awesome goal! Maybe encourage neighbors and family to do the same. Growing your own food has a HUGE impact on reducing carbon emissions. This can't be said enough.

Small Footprints said...

What a terrific goal ... I love that! Even a bit of herb in a meals makes such a difference ... not only in flavor but in health. I would love to grow enough tomatoes to can but, in my small space, I'll get enough to enjoy this summer. But, the farmer's market is close by so I'll be stocking up in the fall and canning my heart out. Thanks for such an inspirational post ... hope you'll update us on whether or not you're able to achieve "every" meal instead of daily.