Sunday, March 10, 2013

Salad Gathering Method of Dandelion Control

The dandelions are returning, much to the consternation of lawn perfectionists, and I agree that they must not be allowed to proliferate. This is both a matter of fairness to my neighbors, who should not have to put up with seeds blown from my yard to theirs, and a matter of land management, for we have many other things growing in my yard that deserve a chance.
This year I am trying the Salad Gathering Method of Dandelion Control. I strolled the yard, pulling every young dandelion I saw, and in a few minutes had a hatful. I pulled off the tender leaves, discarding stems and roots onto the compost pile. The leaves I rinse and eat, perhaps in a green salad, perhaps added to another dish such as steamed veggies.

  • Dandelion leaves have a very good nutritional profile
  • The taste and texture was a nice contrast to the edamame; they would also serve well in an ordinary green salad
  • Cost: free!
  • I wanted to remove them from the yard anyway, so the amount of work involved is negligible.


Small Footprints said...

When I was a kid, my grandparents had a farm and each spring we'd go out to the pasture and collect dandelions. My grandmother would make dandelion salad with them ... it was so good! Last year at the farmer's market, we found cultivated dandelions ... they look different and aren't as strong tasting as the wild variety. They were good but lacked that flavor which I remember as a child. In my opinion, wild is better!

CelloMom said...

Gotta love that "free" part! and that spicy taste.

Crazy4Green said...

I had no idea they could be used this way. Definitely time for me to embrace a weed that can be easily be found in our yard. LOVE the free part :) Wonder if the neighbors would care if I helped them out by doing the same in their yard??? Haha. Thanks for sharing. Found you through Small Footprints MtaGt.