Saturday, January 05, 2013

Moving Meditation: Yoga and Compost

Purple Cabbage Gone To Seed
What To Do With Seed Pods?
Today we tried the morning yoga at the Y, and were quite pleased. It's a nice change from the evening fitness classes we've been doing for the past couple of weeks - more gentle and stretchy. I think we should continue with both types of classes; the variety will do us good.
At home I decided it was time to start in on moving the compost pile, so that I could build a shed where it currently sits (our old shed is in pretty sad shape, but I don't want to tear it down until I have a replacement.) Our raised bed, formed by sod, had room for about a foot of soil so I figured I could just spade the compost there, and in the processes extract the branches which I, in a fit of error, had tossed onto the heap.
First I pulled the remaining onions and moved the strawberries. The cabbage had pretty seriously gone to seed, and I want to do something with the seedpods, but didn't know what. So I took a picture and am asking some of my gardener friends for advice.
Then I started in on moving the compost. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much of it was dirt, and how little was recognizable stuff. Corncob bits and avocado seeds seemed to last the longest; most everything else had been turned into direct or was on the way there. As I scooped each shovel and flung it, it seemed to aerate itself as it landed in its new location; I realized suddenly that I was doing that "turning the compost" thing that I'd heard about.
The rhythm of shovel and toss, shovel and toss, shovel and toss was relaxing. Before I really noticed, I'd moved about half a cubic yard, and it was time to stop. I don't think I'd be able to do this professionally, but as a moving meditation, a shovel of compost shows promise!

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