Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Executive Order 2012-12-31 : Does Micropublishing Improve Political Humor?

The image above, a humourous mocking of Executive Orders and our current Congress, grew from a quick facebook status that seemed moderately popular; it seemed to express a feeling held by a great many people. This morning I put it into an image, and tightened up the text a little, and the result seems to have been even more popular. I was able to promote it as well via Flickr and Twitpic, but it seems to have gotten plenty of shares on FB.
 I'm not sure what that says about text v. images, but the process does suggest that the internet's promise of micropublishing may make speech work better. Instead of a million monkeys pounding a million typewriters, we have a million micropublishers (such as myself) pounding a million blogs ... and occasionally something bubbles up that captures the spirit of the moment or of an age. The process is a form of evolution: that which fits the current environment has an advantage over less fit items. Wonderful!

FROM THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT DECEMBER 31, 2012 "In view of the impending "Fiscal Cliff", the Federal Government will take the following Emergency Measures to save money: 1. The printing of paychecks for Congressmen, Senators, their mistresses and their hookers shall be suspended immediately; 2. Garbage and sanitation services for House and Senate offices shall end; in the interest of public safety, port-a-potties will be placed on the sidewalks outside those buildings for the use of public officials and passers-by. 3. Federal Air Traffic Controllers will no longer serve flights to or from Washington DC and the hometowns of John Boehner or Eric Cantor. They may use private sector services such as Greyhound. 4. K Street shall be closed and made into a homeless shelter for citizens thrown off of unemployment. 5. All cafeterias, elevators and other amenties formerly reserved for the use of Congressmen and Senators shall be closed, or else opened to the use of the public. The public is invited there to assemble peaceably to request redress of grievances."

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