Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving was fun ...

Last year we had Thanksgiving at our house. A lot of my family showed up and mostly packed into the kitchen talking, although we did have a brief sit-down dinner in the living room for ritual purposes. I remember having just a great time, although getting mom home was complicated by the fact that nearly everyone else had left, so getting her down the front stairs was a bit fraught.
I hadn't really appreciated how much work had gone into preparation until this year when I volunteered our house for a do-over. Kris went along with it but when Sherri (Steve's #1) said she wanted to do it because her mom was coming into town, Kris nearly lept up and hugged her. I took the hint and agreed, yes, Kris is right, it's Sherri's turn.  Thus a whole lot of house cleaning and cooking went to that part of the family, not ours, and we had only to cook some pies, which Kris enjoyed, and drive there and back .... not a big deal.
There's a lesson there although I'm not sure what.
There were lots of great dishes although the one that made the best picture, in my opinion, was Caillie's cupcakes.

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