Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Former Condo Goes Boom!

385 Worthington
Springfield, MA
I used to own a condo at 385 Worthington (Springfield Mass) which today would probably be uninhabitable due to yesterday's gas explosion at 453 Worthington. Luckily no fatalities! but it's another reason to be thankful I moved back here.

Some of the comments to the coverage discussed the idea that a day care center should not be so close to a strip club.

The day care center was NOT "next to the strip club"; it was across the street and down the block. I used to live one block over but even with Google Maps you can see that NEXT to the strip club was a storage facility.
The day care center was there for more than a decade and served families when the parents had to work. You know, "work"? It's a good thing! Meanwhile, the other buildings in the area constantly need tenants which are in short supply (again check google earth and notice the number of empty storefronts). A strip club is better than an abandoned building.

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